Gold Emotion

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Ethical Gold

Responsibly Sourced

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Lifestyles & Wellness

Be different, be Gold!

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Accessories & Decorations

Be different, be Gold!

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Food & Beverages

Be different, be Gold!

24K Gold Experience

We offer you to experience the original 24K gold products, created by artist & gold leaf specialist Jean Christophe Rousseau, produced in France with ethical and sustainable gold.

Be different, be Gold!
Gold champagne bottle

The 24K Gold Collection

Gold Emotion is a unique and innovative concept based on gold. A selection of exclusive products, designed and made in France. The most original luxury gift ideas.

Creator of Jewelry to Drink

Comte de Mazeray offers you the luxury of reinventing celebration


Cigar Or 24K

Expérience ultime. Tous les parfums et les qualités du cigare sont préservés. Livré en coffret individuel.

24K Gold cigar

Ultimate smoking experience. It preserves all the flavors and qualities of the cigar. Delivered in a luxury box.

Bespoke Gilding Services

Tailored services worldwide:


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November 24, 2022

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