Joseph de Mazeray

Young Joseph, Comte de Mazeray, is said to have left his homeland to emigrate to the USA at the beginning of 1850.

When he returned to France, he was asked everywhere he went to tell the tale of his adventures, worthy of the most famous of explorers’ stories. When the Comte visited his parents and friends and attended parties, he never came empty handed. With a twinkling in his eye, he gave gifts which all contained gold. Some were traditional objects which had been made unique, whilst others were completely groundbreaking such as his Cognac which had been enriched with particles of gold. All were designed to enchant the upper class in search of new sensations.

A century later, Comte de Mazeray embodies this period where the creativity and magic of gold unite to make luxury even more beautiful.

Benefits of Gold

Gold has traditionally been considered as the most precious metal. It is the perfect metal.

We know today that, more than a symbol, gold has medicinal features. It has been used throughout the ages to improve mental capacities, regenerate deficient organs and it is currently advised for nervous weakness, breakdowns and against fears and frustrations.

It also favours blood circulation, relieves arthritis and stimulates cellular activity. Some people even say it is an aphrodisiac.



Gold is the most precious metal. Endowed with many properties, gold has always fascinated and attracted men. It started to be used at the end of the XIXth century in the food of the Europeans and was served with the finest dishes of the best tables in the World. Thus we have been eating gold for one century.

Champagne gained respectability in the XVIIIth century and built an unequalled reputation worldwide. It has become the refined wine for all celebrations. With the selection and blending of ingredients as rare and as prized, Comte de Mazeray creates an absolute symbol. Produced in France in very limited series, Comte de Mazeray is very exclusive : A unique experience that allows you to drink gold. Comte de Mazeray brings the spirit of magnificent receptions in Versailles where refinement and the magic of gold are mingled with the exhilaration of Champagne

Comte de Mazeray offers you the luxury of reinventing celebration.

Comte de Mazeray

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